The Prescott Hotel: a Kimpton hotel



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While in San Francisco, Katie and I stayed at The Prescott hotel, one of eight Kimpton hotels in the city. I love Kimpton hotels because of their uniqueness and their amenities. Because they are boutique hotels that have their own personality, your stay feels unique and special. The amenities are another big plus. The Prescott is an example of this. Katie and I stayed at the Prescott the last time we came to San Francisco because of its location, Union Square adjacent and a short walk from the BART. This time I was looking forward to the location but I was remembering everything else I like about Kimpton.

  • Hosted evening wine hour
  • bikes to ride around the city
  • dining on site and room service available
  • discount parking for hybrids (part of their Earthcare program)
  • in room yoga mats, in-case the fitness center is not your thing
  • robes in every room
  • free wifi for InTouch members (me!)
  • A ridiculous supply of items you may have forgotten pack, ahem, like curing irons. “Forgot it? We’ve got it!”


And of course, they have comfy rooms. The beds are big and the hotel decor is so much nicer than generic chain hotels. This time we had a room with two beds, but instead of the usual two doubles side by side, Katie’s bed was around a corner in little space that gave her some much-needed teen/computer time. For a night in San Francisco, with that many things to offer, the $150 a night we paid was worth it for sure. All of the Kimpton hotels have their own personality. The hotel Monaco in Denver had animal printed robes instead of plush white robes. Next time you’re in SF, LA, or even Denver, check out a Kimpton. You’ll probably be glad you did.


(Katie’s teen hideout with requisite black boots)



*This was not a sponsored post. I just like these hotels.

The Prescott Hotel

545 Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 563-0303


14 responses to “The Prescott Hotel: a Kimpton hotel

  1. I’ve never stayed at Kimpton. But as somebody who works within the hotel industry, we always take an example of Kimpton when it comes to amenities. These guys certainly know how to please the customers with little extras. Cannot wait to stay in one of their properties. Thanks for linking up to the #SundayTraveler!

  2. Wow – that actually sounds like quite the deal.

    A few jobs ago, I had to head to London for work every now & then. My choice was a big chain or this quaint little hotel . . . I always chose the latter because it just had terrific personality — but, if I traveled with coworkers, we always stayed at the chain because “hotel points” are in great demand.

    I miss that quaint little hotel.

  3. Oh its located in a good area. That’s always a big plus and cool yoga mats! Sounds like they have the quaintness of a small b&b but all the perks of a larger chain hotel. Thanks for linking up to the #sundaytraveler!

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