Eagle Rock Eats

March is almost over and I still can’t help but spend a little money here and there. But I am happy to say our paying down debt continues. We’re down almost 14% from our starting point, even with last month’s measly numbers.
Another accomplishment for March was the completion of my last class for my English degree. That was a long time in the making and I am a little sad to see it end, but not sad to have weekends without homework! To celebrate my first weekend without school, I dragged my family to Eagle Rock for some food.
Eagle Rock is a Los Angeles neighborhood just west of Pasadena. Home of Occidental College, where Barack Obama attended for a brief time before heading to Columbia. It’s known for being a hipster hangout, but don’t let that preconceived idea get in your way. One good reason to visit Eagle Rock is for the food, if you are me. Or beer, at the Eagle Rock Brewery, for my husband. Drive along Colorado Blvd and you can find a number of good places to eat.

A lot people have eaten at the Oinkster before me, but I hadn’t ever gone until this past weekend. Highlights for my kid, chocolate milk shake. For me, garlic aioli and chipotle ketchup for my fries! So good and worth visiting. Especially if you like pastrami.


After we stuffed our faces, we headed to the Eagle Rock Italian Bakery and Deli. We bought some cannolis after browsing all of the sweets on display. Back at the house, after we had room in our stomach for more food, we ate our cannolis. I will say, that they were the best cannolis we have ever eaten.
Eagle Rock Italian Bakery
1726 Colorado Blvd.

The Oinkster
2005 Colorado Blvd.

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