My Love Affair With Coffee

Another item on my list of great reasons for living LA adjacent is all of the good food and yummy coffee drinking that I get to do. I love coffee, as I have mentioned before on many occasions. I am a fan of Starbucks and have been for years, but it’s allure has begun to wane on me. I am eternally grateful to Starbucks for introducing me to coffee back when I was 18. But since I have traveled abroad, my love of coffee has changed.

When I was in Israel, I spent 9 days waking up and heading to the PRC (pilgrimage reception center). And every morning, my adopted Persian family and I grabbed little cups and filled them with coffee, milk and sugar. We had the cookies arranged in rows on small plates and the tangerines pulled from trees along with our coffee. And I did something I hadn’t done before that, drank coffee that wasn’t a latte or a mocha. I had always avoided straight coffee because of its bitterness, but loved coffee with milk and sugar in the form of caramel lattes, coffee ice creams and tiramisu. But in Israel I drank straight coffee, well it was 2/3rds coffee and 1/3 milk, so straight for me. I plopped a sugar cube in it and stirred.

In France, I fell in love cafe culture and we spent every morning ordering cappuccinos and un croissant. I found that again I didn’t need so much milk and had cut back on sugar. But I am over the paper cup drinking Starbucks culture. I want to drink my coffee slowly from a real mug, while reading. I don’t want the sugary McDonaldsy version of coffee with syrups and whip cream and sauces on top. I found that I actually do want it bitter.


And here, at home, we head to our Italian friend’s Super Bowl/birthday party every February. And at that party, a relative makes espresso on the stove and adds sugar. It’s bitter and a little sweet. I love trying different coffee shops around Southern California. One of my friends lives near one of my favorite coffee shops, Le Pain Quotidien. I know, it’s a chain, but I love their cups without handles and their yummy organic food. I love when we plan to meet for coffee on weekends at Le Pain. Yesterday, I went there after I dropped off my teen at a birthday party. I had an almond milk mocha, which they serve with unsweetened chocolate. I added a touch of sugar. And I ordered the frittata which was omg delicious. Look at the pesto on it. So good. Anyone want to go out for coffee?


19 responses to “My Love Affair With Coffee

  1. I thought starbucks was IT until a trip to Spain. My morning cafe con leches were amazing, sipping them in the plaza watching the town happen around me. It was more than a cup if coffee, it was an experience. This post just brought me back to that!

  2. I stopped loving Starbucks years ago when I realized how many empty calories I was consuming. I changed to back coffee with a small amount of sweatener. Then I found out sweatener a were even worse than empty calories and now use organic coconut sugar. I’m all about strong and bitter now. Since I lost that craving for chocolatey sweet, I also found a love for a variety of coffees. Glad you came to the dark side🙂

  3. I’m a straight-up black kind of girl, so I love the cafe culture in Europe – all the espressos! Being a coffee addict myself, I really enjoyed this🙂

  4. I’ve actually cut Starbucks out for financial reasons. Though it hasn’t been easy.

    I started drinking coffee in high school when I had a job at Dunkin’ Donuts — when you’re getting up at 5am to “make the doughnuts,” well, you need something. I started “light & sweet,” but after progressively putting on weight, I cut back on the cream & sugar, until I started drinking it black.

    Then, in college, the quality of the coffee was much worse (not that Dunkin is really great, but it’s certainly decent enough) and I found a “little bit of sugar & little bit of cream” mix that would do it.

    Now, I make myself this strange coffee concoction (I’ll vlog it, eventually) that I’m, slowly, making less sweet.

    When I do drink Starbucks now? A double espresso, or an Americano if I have time to kill.

    And you’re right, sitting down with a real mug and taking your time with your coffee is…magical.

  5. I like Starbucks, but don’t like to pay the price anymore and I’m starting to realize there is probably better coffee out there for less money. Thanks for linking up to the #SundayTraveler!🙂

  6. I love coffee! Since University, I’ve cut back totally on milk and sugar in my coffee. I drink straight black espresso coffee without anything in it. Thanks for linking up to the #SundayTraveler.

  7. I don’t like coffee. I LOVE the smell, but despise the taste. Usually whenever I go to a cafe I get hot chocolate or maybe some tea. When I moved to Budapest I discovered the melange which is espresso, milk and honey which I surprisingly adored. But regular black coffee? No thanks, tea please! Thanks for linking up to the #SundayTraveler!

  8. I understand this so well. I am from Seattle so of course my first love affair with coffee was through Starbucks. But after traveling the world, I have found there is so much out there. I love Vietnam and Thailand and their iced coffees. I would have three a day when I visited these countries! I love France and their simple cafes. I would always start my day with one! In each new country I visit, one of my favorite things to do is seek out a cup of coffee and see how it measures up!

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