Ode To The Best Meals: Breakfast and Dessert



Lately I’ve been spending my weekends enjoying food. I’ve been spending my evenings baking and making food early in the morning. I’ve been hanging out with my husband for early morning dates at Starbucks or a late night night desserts with friends and kids.  In between, its homework and laundry, and taxiing my teenagers around. Half of the things I have made, I found on pinterest. I figure I need to have some fun if I am not traveling, still working a lot, and still in school. So my fun has been in the food (with the evidence on my waist!). I believe this is what my husband meant when he told me to make the best of things. I think he’s been enjoying some eating of his own…

Some of the recipes from Pinterest I have used:

Mini fritattas

Mini cinnamon rolls

Bacon eggs cups

Plum clafoutis modified from this recipe

4 responses to “Ode To The Best Meals: Breakfast and Dessert

  1. The food looks amazing . . . and I can eat breakfast foods for forever . . . seriously, I do more damage at a breakfast buffet than anywhere else. And I’m not a stranger to a buffet.

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