Southern California Spring

I wish I could bottle up the smell in my yard and sent it to people. Grapefruit, orange and jasmine blossoms. It’s smells delicious. There’s a ride at Disneyland California Adventure called California Soaring or Soaring Over California, where it seems as though you fly over orange groves. But the smells don’t do the real thing justice. Right now my yard is being visited by bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies who have come just for the flowers too. I love it.

This bird came the closest we’ve seen them in our yard the other day. They are loud and squawky first thing in the morning and they have been hanging around for years.

4 responses to “Southern California Spring

  1. Those are some truly beautiful pictures.

    And sign me up for delivery if you do ever manage to package up the smell you’re describing — it sounds . . . addicting.

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